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PROVIDENCE ISLAND located Monrovia, Liberia is the Island that gave birth to our Country Liberia. It is surrounded by the Stockton Creek and the Montserrado River. In the year 1822 the freed slaved from America settled on the Island. With no house to sleep or stay, they settled under the oldest cotton tree and decided to make a living. With the river water being salty, they dogged a well on the Island which is now the Oldest Well in the Republic since 1822 , the water of the well is sweet and tasty and its said that "if you drink of it and make a wish it will come to pass". On this Island is The Oldest Well In The Republic, The Peace Tree "a tree made of old weapons meaning there is no more war", The Oldest Cotton Tree since 1822, A foundation of a demolished house that was build by the settlers, A Palava Hut and a Stage for Cultural Performances build by Former President William R Tolbert in 1970, A stick that was brought and planted by the slaves in 1822, plus many more. NOTE. Tourist going there are asked to visit the Ministry Of Information Culture and Tourism for a Permit.



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