About Liberia

Liberia is a country that is situated on the West Coast of the world’s second-largest continent Africa which covers a total land space of 38,000 square miles thus making it the smallest country in West Africa. The country is politically subdivided into fifteen counties with an administrative capitals.
More besides, Liberia is the only country in the world whose territorial water accommodates a distinct species of hippopotamus known as the pygmy hippopotamus. Indeed Liberia has the largest forest reserve in the whole of West Africa.
The tropical rain forest serves as a habitat of elephants, chimpanzees, boa constrictors, reindeers, antelopes, etc. The country also contains two natural lakes and one artificial lake that tourists will be willing to see.
This wonderful, lovely, and most talk about country constitutes the only Island that gives birth to the oldest republic and democracy in Africa, the historic Providence Island.
Come enjoy and experience the natural beauties and wonders of continental Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia. The wonders that would bring you an unexceptional joy and happiness as a tourist.





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