An emblem of freedom

 A symbol of hope

An epitome of the great republic for which it stands…

The flag of Liberia, was artistically hand stitched and designed by a committee of seven women, headed by Susanah Elizabeth Lewis, who was the daughter of former vice colonial agent Colston Waring, the sister of the first lady of the Republic of Liberia and also the wife of John N.Lewis one of the signers of the declaration of independence. Followed by  Sarah Draper who was from Philadelphia; Mary L. Hunter from South Carolina; Rachel Johnson, Matilda Newport and Mrs. J. B. Russwurm also from Baltimore, Maryland, and Colonette Teage Ellis was from Virginia.

The flag made by them was adopted on the 24th of August 1847, about a month after Liberia had declared her independence and   August 24th is a national flag day in Liberia,  day set aside to commemorate and celebrate the adoption of the national flag of Liberia.

  As the first independent republic in Africa, the only white star on the flag stands as an accolade to represent Liberia being the oldest independent African nation, first on the Continent of Africa to gain her independence.

  The eleven stripes symbolizes the signatories of the Liberian declaration of independence, while the red, white and blue expresses in abstract courage and moral excellence.

Liberia’s flag distinctively embodies its values, culture, and traditions. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of Liberia and the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all” A solemn and sacred committed that every citizen of Liberia learns to recite in salutation.

On every national flag day, there are many flag hosting ceremonies throughout Liberia and citizens finds their own way to celebrate by displaying the flag on their automobiles, public and private buildings and parades of the arm forces of Liberia and as well as schools. While you carry on displaying this distinct emblem, hold its pledge dearest to your heart for all of the words therein needs to be felt and lived throughout its impact.

Happy Flag day.

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