1. Liberia is a multilingual country where more than 20 indigenous languages are spoken. However, each of the indigenous languages is spoken by only a small percentage of Liberians. ENGLISH is the country’s official language.

2. The Liberian Dollar is the official currency of Liberia. However, The United States Dollar is a legal tender in Liberia and it is used alongside the Liberian Dollar.

3. Ground transportation in Liberia is inexpensive and they include: * A Bush Taxi (also called a shared taxi) * A Minibus Taxi * Tricycle * Motorcycle (can also be found but should be avoided as they’re very dangerous) * Car Rental is available and it is far safer to take a cab on your own to pay full fare than to split the cost with other occupants.

4. Liberian beaches have golden sand, clear water, and perfectly formed waves. Liberian beaches have built its name over the past years as one of the best surf sights in Africa.

5. One of the joys of festival in Liberia is that everyone is welcome to join, irrespective of the occasion. Christian, Muslim and Cultural events are enjoyed by everyone.

6. International dish is expensive but can be found throughout the capital and Liberian dish is tasty and affordable. Local cookshops serve indigenous cuisine relying heavily on rice and spicy sauces.

7. In sports, Liberia is known for soccer because the first African to win FIFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR is a Liberian. However, there are many sports played in Liberia, namely: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Kickball (a Liberian own sport), etc.

8. Wednesdays and Weekends are happy times in Liberia with not much work going on. In Liberia, every Wednesday evening is term as Ladies Night and it is celebrated by going out with a partner, friend, family, etc.

9. Power shortage are common. Liberia is trying to rebuild its power sector.

10. A cashless society is not really seen. Walking with cash in Liberia is better than walking with a credit card. Though you see ATM at Hotels, Supermarkets and Banks but ATM and Credit Cards language are not really heard.

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